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Who is this for?

Saturday Box is for people who want to share their fantasies with their partner but don't know where to start. It's for people who are tired of following the same bedroom routines. It's for people who love sex but hate shopping for sex toys.

We can't say that Saturday Box is for everyone, but we definitely think most couples could benefit from trying one of our adventures.

See for yourself

Hear it from our founder

When I was teenager, I had the realization that my fascination with damsels in distress was actually a cry for kink.

Even though people have been entranced by power dynamics since the beginning of time, BDSM has historically been portrayed as something for weirdos, misogynists, and the mentally ill. The more I learned about what I wanted, the more I felt a deep sense of shame.

As I got older, I realized that Fifty Shades of Grey was a mainstream movie for a reason. Kink didn't have to mean dungeons and gimp masks. It could be a glittery pair of fairy wings saved for special occasion. Or a bundle of rope and a silky blindfold that you keep in your carry-on.

At Saturday Box, we believe that kink & roleplay are both normal and beautiful instruments of sexual self-expression. Indulging in your fantasies is a powerful act that can bring you closer to your partner. After all, sometimes the best way to find yourself in the bedroom is to try being someone else.

Have fun out there,