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Great sex is hard. Saturday Box makes it easy .

Our Story

Hi there! We’re a new kind of sexual wellness company, backed by research and powered by creativity. Did you know that 97% of adults have fantasies? That’s why our all-inclusive adventures are built for both imagination and getting your partner involved.

Think of us as the little elves that spice up your date night...

Stop planning. Start playing.

Our boxes take the stress off of planning your next sex-capade. Only need a few things?

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Picture of character cards included in the Office Romance Eco Box laid out in several rows

Our cards. Your fantasies.

At Saturday Box, we believe that drama is everything. Our cards set up steamy scenarios and kick your chemistry into high gear. We guide you through kinky adventures, nudging both partners to surprise and delight each other along the way.

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Winner of the 2023 Dartmouth Consumer Startup Incubator

What is kink?

Kink can encompass a lot of different sexual interests, but our focus is primarily on BDSM. That means bondage, dominance/submission, and whatever combination of pain and pleasure you prefer.

Am I ready for this?

Saturday Box is designed to help beginners ease into kink and roleplay, letting you do as much or as little as you want while still having a great time. We want you to feel safe and comfortable at every step.

What if I've done this before?

We think kink enthusiasts will adore Saturday Box because it does all the hard work of planning a scene - letting you focus on your partner. Plus, who doesn't love having everything they need on hand?