Launch sale! Classic boxes for $69

Who is this box for?

This is a great box for couples looking to get started with kink and roleplay. The roles of boss and secretary are down-to-earth, so you can choose how much you want to get into the backstory or mostly play as yourselves. 

This adventure includes suggestions for spanking and light restraint, and plays with themes surrounding authority figures, so you’ll be able to enjoy yourself whether you like praise or degradation. This roleplay can be set in the present like Fifty Shades of Grey, but you can also zero in on the vintage vibes and go for some Mad Men style flair. 

Product details

What's included?
What's on these cards?
  • Hot and bothered job interview gone horribly wrong
  • Masterfully crafted dictation test to keep your secretary on her heels
  • Sensual starter experience to dip your toes into spicier waters
  • Safety checklist and spanking tips
  • Character card for the secretary plus 2 variation cards for additional ways to play her
  • Character card for the boss plus 2 cards variation cards for ways to play him

...and so much more!

What size is right for me?

This set tends to run a little smaller in the chest, so we recommend sizing up if you're worried about it being too tight. Size S would be best for a woman who wears dress size 0-2, Size M would be best for 4-6, Size L (8-10), Size XL (12-14).

With our Right Size Guarantee, you can shop with confidence and know that if the lingerie doesn't fit, we can send you the next size up (or down) at no additional charge. If you tend to be a split size, say an L on top and an M on the bottom, you can reach out to customer service and we can create a custom order for you! Just send us a message at

Unfortunately, for this particular set, we do not have any plus-sized options, so we recommend you check out the Loose Lips Classic Box, where we carry sizes S-4XL (although that set also tends to run small).

Is shipping free?

Yes! Classic adventures always ship free and discretely. Your Classic box will arrive tucked inside a plain, unmarked mailer box.

What if I only want a few items?

We recommend the Classic Box for the best value ($139 worth of items) and the most immersive experience, but we have a few different options if you prefer to scale down.

For those who already have a closet stuffed to the brim, check out the Office Romance Eco Box. It's the same great adventure at a fraction of the price. You can also purchase any of the items included in the Classic box separately by going to Toys & Accessories.

We know that it can be a bit intimidating to purchase an entire roleplaying adventure when you're just starting out, so if you buy something smaller and then decide that you want to upgrade to the full experience, shoot us a message and we'll send you the rest for just the difference in price.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So much fun!

This is a great product. The lingerie set is super cute and can be worn outside of this context. The thought that went into the cards and the accessories was tremendous. You can tell the company really wants to give its customers a fantastic product. I would say this is well worth the price point, especially considering that all of the items provided are reusable. Will be buying more boxes when they come out!

So excited that you had a great experience! We'll make sure to let you know when the next adventure is released ;)

Great Quality!

I bought this for my partner and I on a whim after a long discussion about how we both felt like we lacked an entry point into roleplay. We were pleasantly surprised to find that every item in the box was well thought out and coordinated, even the shades of red matched! The prompt cards are an absolute delight to read together and the cards have listed out several uses for all the props. Fantastic purchase, I'm excited to be a return customer when the options expand.

Thank you so much for the feedback, Peter. It really makes our day to hear that this product provided a entry point for creative intimacy. We are hard at work developing the next box. Feel free to message us directly if there'sanything you're hoping to see in the future :)


This box was an absolute delight to unbox, from the cute packaging to the various props. It was a lot of fun going through each item with my partner. I'm impressed how much was included, including a lingerie set and vibrator.

The cards they provide guide you through the experience, but in a way that lets you get creative and make it your own. You can try different variations, or opt out of the storyline and just use the props for something else. It's a fun way to add some spice and creativity to your date nights, and I’m excited to play with it more!

Thank you so much for being a customer, LX! We hope you find a lot to like as you continue to experiment.